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About Me

I believe that art should be enjoyable. It can inspire and evoke emotions. That is what I try and do with my art. Evoke a mood or feeling. Sometimes though, a pretty picture is just a pretty picture and that is a good thing.

I began drawing in my early teens. I've worked in oils, acrylics, Prismacolor, pastels and other traditional media. In the late 90s I began experimenting with digital. My methods are traditional but instead of paint and canvas, I use a computer. The screen becomes my canvas, the mouse my brush. Each image is built up brush stroke by stoke.

I make my living as graphic artist, so I'm quite familar with Photoshop and Illustrator. Sometimes I play and in the process come up with something which I think is just plain cool. Those pieces you'll find on my Abstracts page.

To keep up with what is new with my art, click on my blog link above. I won't say it is always up to date, but I do try to make an effort.